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  • With automatic carriage movement - change over to manual operation is possible
  • Easy to operate, quick and easy to clean
  • Large slicing capacity
  • Infinitely variable speed 22 - 58 strokes per minute
  • Cutting length 320 mm, cutting height 225 mm, slice thickness 0 - 25 mm
  • Powerful motor for continuous operation for all kinds of food - such as meat

Halbautomatischer Schwerkraftschneider G 330 AHalbautomatischer Schwerkraftschneider G 330 A

Technical Data

counter space required (l x w): 460-550 mm adjustable x 420 mm
overall dimension (l x w x h): 700 x 790 x 590 mm
weight : approximately 65 kg
voltage: 3-phase or 1-phase, voltage and cycles as required
power requirement: 0,6 kW
knife: 330 mm Ø, hollow ground, hard chromed, stay sharp quality. For cutting bread a toothed blade is available
slice thickness: 0 to 25 mm (infinitely variable)
cutting length: 320 mm
cutting height: 225 mm
sound level: <70 dB (A)
speed of carriage: is infinitely variable; 22 to 58 strokes per minute
powerful cutting: Powerful motor for continuous operation with high power transmission to the blade because of PowerGrip belt drive. Carriage can be tilted aside for easy cleaning. Sharpening device is removeable. Machine can be manually operated.

Model G 330 A is available in following special executions

G 350 A
  • Ideal for slicing Italian Mortadella, large ham and large cuts of meat. Blade 350 mm Ø
  • overall dimensions (l x w x h): 700 x 790 x 600 mm. For all other technical details see model G 330 A
  • cutting length: 310 mm
  • cutting height: 235 mm

G 330 A Teflon / G 350 A Teflon
  • Ideal for slicing cheese, bread and fresh meat. Carriage, thickness plate, blade guard and blade are tefloned
  • Easy and precise slicing, no smearing or sticking
  • Further advantage: quick and easy to clean with dry cloth
  • For all other technical details see model G 330 A / G 350 A

G 330 A I / G 350 A I
  • Same as model G 330 A / G 350 A, but with carriage inclined additionally to the operator’s side

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